Lauren Wood

Since I’ve started my online training with Sumeet I’ve seen noticeably significant changes in not only my body, but also my mind! I model/act in LA and have always been fit & physically active, but I wasn’t where I needed or wanted to be with my body. When I sought help from Sumeet, I was looking for someone to guide me to that ‘next level’. In the past, my goal had always been to solely loose weight. Eventually I lost so much weight a lot of my muscle tone and curves were gone. I started eating carelessly in efforts to gain that back, while still working out occasionally to maintain. Sumeet created a program specific to my body & goals, which are now to GAIN & keep a slim feminine figure. I don’t know how she does it, but all I do is follow what she sends me each week to my best ability and my body has changed so much and FAST! It’s been about 3 months since Ive signed up for her online personal training. I’ve been able to expand my modeling reach to the fitness community, I find myself getting more compliments on my physique from friends and strangers, and my mental and physical strength continues surpass the day before. I’m now pushing weights I’ve never been able to & for as many reps as I do. I’ve also never been this consistent in the gym as I have been over the past few months, but it’s because I’m really excited for the gym now from following the workout plan she sends. It’s never too time consuming – get in, do WORK, and go about your day. As for the diet plan, my whole life I’ve struggled with digestive issues and I haven’t experienced almost ANY symptoms after my body adjusted. I look forward to seeing where I’ll be in the future, even just 3 months from now working with Sumeet. I love what she’s been able to do for my health and all online at that. Thank you Sumeet, you are the best! 

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Shikha Sharma

I cannot say enough about the success I’ve had by working with Sumeet. I am in Indian mom of toddler twins who had poor eating habits was afraid to start the gym. I had never worked with an online trainer before and was skeptical about how impactful it could be. From day one, Sumeet customized my workouts and meals, was regular with checking up on me and providing advice promptly every time I reached out via email. I started with focusing on eating right and a few home workouts and then moved onto the gym. I went from being the shy girl at the gym to now the one who sits in front of the mirror in the weight room with the guys and watches herself train. I lost over 20 pounds and countless inches, went from a size XL to M and lets not forget the plethora of complements I receive every single day. I’ve never felt so confident and healthy! I attribute so much of my success to the guidance and support I received from Sumeet! 


Pinja Luukkonen

My name is Pinja and I live in Europe, Finland. So I live far away! I’m 18 years old and I have always been athletic. But it  has been difficult for me to accept myself. I have tried dieting and when I was dieting I lost 6KG, which was a lot and I loved the shredded look.

But then people kept saying I look skinnier, smaller and my booty didn’t look so big anymore, I had lost my curvy body L I was really depressed and it almost  got to that point that I could have had eating disorder. I did a lot of cardio and it was so hard to stop it and I also ate too little! So I really looked myself in the mirror many times and I really didn’t like what I saw, small booty and no muscles. So I started to search online trainers. I have had many online trainers and omg they  have all sucked so much!! They didn’t do the programs specific for me and for my goals and the diets were really confusing! And one online trainer forgot me and I had paid for her 300 dollars!! And she said that many reps and low weight had worked for her and for her clients, when I asked about heavy lifting. So that didn’t work for me and also she wasn’t interested in my goals etc..

I AM SOO HAPPY, THAT I FOUND THE PERFECT TRAINER! I have followed Sumeet on Instagram and I have always looked her pictures and thought that she is GOALS! FITTHICK! And when I saw the post, where she said that, she was looking for new online clients, I immediately sent her a message!

She responded the next day and there started  my journey with her! Sumeet really cares about her clients and she really makes specific programs for your goals! She motivates and just always knows the right words to say! AND SHE LETS YOU EAT! I love my diets!! And don’t get me started with the amazing programs she does, I am advanced trainer and she just knows the best workouts and challenging enough also for advanced trainers! She really knows what she is doing! I never get bored of the workout plans!! I have now gained 6KG!!! I’m amazed of that!! The strength and muscle I have built, I couldn’t be happier!

And the best is how fast she answers for the emails! You really can trust her, she never lets you wait!

I’m going to continue with Sumeet for a long time! She has really got me to love my body and the curves I am making, and it’s all thanks to her amazing diet and training plans!! My friends have also complimented my booty that it is bigger 😛

And I can’t wait to see more progress!!

Jennifer Slayton

I cannot express how happy I am since I’ve started online training with Sumeet!! My name is Jennifer and I’m 32, living in New Smyrna Beach FL. I’m an active girl, but my workouts were all over the place and I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been working out. When I contacted Sumeet, I was excited to see she, herself, not her automated response, respond to me that day!! I explained to her I wanted to tighten up (esp my core) and get some curves and sure as heck, just within the first 2wks of training I can’t stop looking at my stomach in the mirror lol and my booty’s more round too;) I see the changes however, when I get compliments from friends, that’s the best! She put together my meals/snacks (yummy ones at that) and my workouts! I have structure and I’m a master at prepping my meals now!! It’s the best lifestyle of all! She’s an amazing trainer!! I feel great physically and mentally, confidence radiating from me! I love how I feel and I have her to thank! I highly highly recommend her…when you contact her, you’re in contact with her, not her hired team. You feel the personal relationship there and I can’t express enough how thankful I am that I found her!!!! 

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Incredible transformations from a few of my Booty & Curve Building clients:

1) Tiara D. has lost inches off her waist & is growing her booty “My stomach has never been this flat! I can’t believe it bc I have worked with other trainers & nothing has worked like this. Thank you Sumeet!”
2) Tiffany D. has gained 6 POUNDS in just a few weeks & her lower body has gotten much curvier “I feel so sexy!! I am loving it! You have helped me feel so much more confident! Thank you so much for that!”
3) Laura G. came to me as a classic hard gainer & didnt know what to eat. Now she has put on 6 POUNDS. “My lower body is changing especially my butt and yesterday when I was at the gym guys couldn’t stop checking me out LOL. Thank you so much for helping me!”
4) Lauren W. is an actress/model who wanted to take her body to the next level. Now she has put on 5 POUNDS, got abs & got much curvier. “Sumeet created a program specific to my body & goals which are to gain & keep a slim feminine figure. I don’t know how she does it, but all I do is follow what she sends me each week & my body has change SO much and SO fast “
5) Ashley S. has quickly packed on muscle while maintaining an extremely busy work schedule “I’m lifting super heavy, I’m gaining weight every week, and for once my huge they gap is slowly starting to close. WILD”
6) Brittany W. has gained 6 POUNDS while staying lean!! “I’ve been working out and dieting on my own for a long time, and this is the first time I’ve ever worked with someone who allows me the so much flexibility and keep switching things up in the gym to keep me from getting bored.”
7) Jeanette was sick of being “the thin girl” in just 4 weeks working w/ me, this mom has put on 4 POUNDS! “I AM SO HAPPY I’m loving the workouts! I looked in the mirror and saw a curvier person! I’ve tried so many fitness plans and I’ve never seen results that I have desired and I see them today”
These woman are breaking stereotypes within our culture and showing that INDIAN woman can be FIT Many of them stepped into the weight room for their very FIRST time with my help and now are gym regulars, transforming their body & kicking major ass. These are just a handful of my Indian clients who I’m very proud of. 
1) Mj went from eating fast food everyday and never lifting weights to dropping 15 lbs and now lifting weights 5 times a week
2) Ikjot is a vegetarian who was having a hard time losing weight. She tried and tested multiple cookie cutter online programs with zero results and in only a few weeks working with me is down 10 lbs!
3)Shifali isn’t new to the gym, but was having a hard time getting rid of her love handles & cellulite, shrinking her waist, and growing her glutes. In just 6 weeks her cellulite is gone, her waist is tighter, and her gluteus have grown.
4) Punam is a full time student and working part time and was brand new to online coaching. In only 6 weeks, her waist has gone down inches, her physique is getting curvier, and she is receiving non stop compliments from friends.
5) Rachael is a vegetarian who isn’t new to the gym, but reached a point where her body wasn’t changing anymore. In only 4 weeks working together, she is lifting more, gaining more curves, and finally is following a vegetarian diet she loves.
6) Shikha is a mom of 2 who started working with me with poor eating habits and afraid to start going to the gym. In 3 months working together, she is down a whopping 25 lbs, no longer in the 200s, went from wearing XL to M and is lifting weights 5x a week.
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